Every single person on this earth feels pain. Physical pain and emotional pain. Pain and suffering is a natural part of being human. However, sometimes life circumstances can lead us to experience prolonged periods of pain and distress. Of course it is understandable that some pain and emotional distress will follow challenging life events, particularly those in which we experience loss, unexpected change or a threat to security or identity (e.g. bereavement, job loss, illness and relationship breakdowns). Even events typically seen as 'positive' or 'exciting' often require significant adjustment and may therefore also trigger some degree of pain and emotional stress.  

Despite our best efforts at coping with periods of adjustment, challenge and difficulty, we may sometimes find ourselves stuck. Occasionally and through no fault of our own, the attempts we make to cope with our pain can actually work against us and maintain or increase our distress. It can be difficult to recognise this for ourselves and some support from others - family, friends and professionals - can go a long way towards helping us find a way forward. 

A way forward may involve healing from a period of pain or difficulty or simply finding new ways to maximise your resilience and maintain your sense of health and wellbeing. Learning how to effectively manage life's ups and downs and the understandable emotional stress that can follow is perhaps one of the best gifts we can offer to ourselves as we navigate this wonderfully complicated, delicate and remarkable life. 

A way forward is what Heal.Feel.Connect aims to achieve through offering a combination of therapeutic interventions aimed at increasing the resilience of both the mind and the body and teaching people how to truly nourish and care for themselves. 

Supporting healing by welcoming feelings and promoting connection to oneself and to others.